A family dream.


Looking for a place for your next family reunion? strategic planning event? art retreat? Need a balance between togetherness and privacy? The Cedars may be exactly what you're looking for.

The Cedars is a unique and flexible waterfront space which offers a completely Canadian cottage experience for friends, family and maybe you!  With 415 feet of shoreline between locks 14 and 15 on the Trent Severn Waterway, The Cedars is perfect for relaxing, learning or playing hard. Scattered along that waterfront are a number of cottages - some that are perfect for together time, and others that offer a quiet get-away.

Our typical visitors are extended families who want a vacation to remember fondly. Or they are Boards of Directors looking to revitalize their vision. Or they come to participate in (or host) one of the arts retreats. 

Come to The Cedars and enjoy!


The Rices

If you're coming to The Cedars, you'll get to know the Rice Family (and some say that's part of the fun!)  Robin and Jim Rice are staples - permanently residing there year-round.  Elder daughter, Chandra, has her studio spaces and gallery here.  Younger daughter, Sara, brings her family to the cottage every summer. The rest of the Rice clan comes and goes, depending on the season and your needs.  In years previous, the Rices considered Hamilton home, but adventures have brought them to Trent Hills and The Cedars!

The Dreams

Robin and Jim: Looking for a big new adventure after retirement, they found the Cedars, a run down fishing resort on the edge of paradise. The challenge was just what the doctor ordered: buildings to refurbish, a landscape to create, a waterfront to restore and a family dream to put into action. From the chaos, they built their dream property: a place to entice friends and family to visit. 12 years and a ton of elbow grease later, most of the work is done, and now it is time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their

Chandra:  Ever since she was a teen, when she closed her eyes and imagined the perfect life, she pictured a small cabin in the woods, with a wood-burning stove, a pot of soup, and nothing to do but to breath life into a piece she is working on.  The Cedars is a dream come true for her.  Not only does she have her oft-dreamed-of cabin, but also studios, a kitchen garden, and a constant parade of wildlife to keep her company. 

Sara: Jetting in from their lives in the Netherlands, Sara and her family spend summers at The Cedars. For her, being surrounded by family and friends is the dream come true. You can often find her and her lively daughters in the kitchen, baking or whipping up a meal for the masses, or creating a delicious beverage to be sipped among friends new and old on the dock. Life at the cottage is the exact antidote to a busy modern life.

Could The Cedars be the place for your dreams to come true too?

The History

In the 1920s, The Cedars was a much loved and productive fishing resort. There were dances on the roof of the Boathouse and chains of fish pulled from the river. Over the years, it passed from owner to owner, slowly sliding into disrepair. In 2006, the Rices purchased The Cedars and began a slow and loving restoration of the property. Doing most of the work themselves - and convincing their kids and grandkids, Jake and Rhiannon, to help, they have transformed The Cedars from a local eye-sore to (what the Rices like to believe) is the crowning jewel in Crowe River Bay (but they're most certainly biased :) ). Come see for yourself! 

Open Season

May 24 - October 30 annually